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A comprehensive home energy audit is a service provided by a professional auditor who will use a variety of diagnostic tools and industry standard tests to determine the energy efficiency of your home. Along with an analysis of past utility bills, the following are some of the tools and room by room examination services a professional auditor can provide:

  • A flow hood which tests whether enough air is traveling through room vents.
  • A duct blaster which tests the level of leakage in your HVAC duct system.
  • A blower door which measures the extent of leaks in your building.
  • An infrared camera which shows heating and cooling problems caused by missing or poorly functioning insulation.

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Maximizing Water Efficiency with ENERGY SOLUTION CONTRACTORS WaterSense® Upgrades

As we all know, California is facing persistent drought. Rather than relying on behavior change alone, the ENERGY SOLUTION CONTRACTORS Program’s water-saving retrofits make it easy and affordable for homeowners to save water and lower water bills considerably.


Infographic: ENERGY SOLUTION CONTRACTORS by the Numbers

The ENERGY SOLUTION CONTRACTORS Program has now funded over half a billion dollars in water and energy efficiency projects for California homeowners! In light of this milestone, we’ve created an infographic further breaking down these improvements along with their economic impact, energy and water savings equivalents, and more.